Orders API returning inaccurate results

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Hi guys,

I am getting some strange results from the Orders API. I use it for accounting purposes.

I'm making the following call: 


This should return the orders that were closed on the 13th of July. However it returns both orders closed on the 13th of July and orders from various other dates as well. This only happens when I query the 13th of July. Any other date I use it with returns the correct results for that day. I have been through the additional orders that are returned on that date and having been through the JSON extensively, there is nothing linking them to that date. They were closed normally (before the 13th of July) and not edited or updated since.

Does anyone know what might be causing this? Is it an issue with my query or is something else? I have been using this exactly query for 3+ months and have always got the expected results. It is just this one day, 13th of July that is returning orders from additional dates.

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Hey @William_Rankin, thanks for sharing so many details in your post, just wanted to share a few things here. 

If you feel this is an issue or bug that is related to a single date on one store, I would definitely suggest reaching out to Shopify Support directly. From there, someone from our team can authenticate for your account and help connect you with our technical team to take a closer look if needed.

If you have you tested this on multiple shops and are getting the same results,
we may be able to take a closer look and pass on any insights. We would need a x-request-id header and example endpoint URL for a request that is returning the results as expected, as well as an x-request-id the one you mention here that isn't.


awwdam | API Support @ Shopify
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