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orders/paid webhook also firing orders/updated & orders/cancelled also firing orders/updated

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We have the store subscribed to 3 different webhooks

orders/paid, orders/updated, orders/cancelled

When we have a new order that is paid we get a webhook request. Works great.

We added orders/updated hook on this store and now this hook also is firing on the new order that was just generated.... is this correct?

Why is orders/updated firing on orders/paid hook?

When we cancel an order the cancel request fires but its also firing the orders/updated hook?

Why is the orders/updated firing on orders/cancelled hook?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to understand if we are doing something wrong or is this is the intended way the hooks have been implemented by Shopify.

Thank you,

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Hi J,

We had the same issue.

Whilst I can't help with why they do this, we placed all of the order updates/cancellations/paid webhooks into a queue. In the script that processes the queue, we check for duplicates to make sure we only execute the update/cancellation once.

Hope that's of some use.



Kind regards, Andy Lower PandaCake Shopify Partners
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Thanks for your reply.

Yes makes sense. I appreciate the update.

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I understand this post is old, but the issue still remains as of 2021.


Why do two webhooks get called for Order Paid and Order Cancelled? i.e. in both cases you also get an additional Order Updated webhook at almost the exact same time as the the original webhook (paid or cancelled). This causes potential issues and unnecessary overhead. 

In the case of Paid, we received the Updated webhook call first, then the Paid...which doesn't

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I'm also (still) struggling with this, off course there is precious little documentation on the subject. And Shopify staff remain quiet as usual in threads that go beyond "help i can't find a button in the UI". 
Seems the order/update event just fires always, I even get an update event before the create event. I'm thinking I might try to only work with the update event since all the others seem kinda redundant at this point.


~ Thijs