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Payouts Query `access denied` Issue

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fetching payouts data getting `access denied` Error. (Either via REST or GraphQL API)


Store type - development store.
Access scopes -
App has been granted `read_shopify_payments_payouts` and `read_shopify_payments_disputes`.

In doc mentioned, that for being able to fetch payouts data, your app need to be granted `read_shopify_payments` [link]([versio...), but looks like its a typo, as we don’t have such scope [link to the access scopes list]( , also when we try to use this scope name in auth process we getting an error, I assume it means `read_shopify_payments_payouts` scope (which, as mentioned, was granted).



shopifyPaymentsAccount {
      payouts(first: 10) {
        pageInfo {
        edges {
          node {


Also tried to fetch this data from `shop.shopifyPaymentsAccount`,- facing the same error.

P.S. Successfully fetching data related to other granted scopes (orders, customers, products).


I will be glad to get help or any ideas ab. this issue.


Just a thought, - Can it be related to the fact that development stores, which I'm working with, don't have Shopify Payments and payouts data as well?

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I've created managed store with `Shopify payments` enaibled.

Bought product and got 1 pending payout. - In the admin, if you navigate to Payment Providers > Shopify Payments, there’s a button to ‘View Payouts’. I can see the payout pending there, detailing the transactions, and card fees.


Tried to fetch payouts data:

1. via REST api - got success (200) response with an empty `payouts` array, which as I believe expected untill payout will actually happened.

2. via GraphQL api - still getting `access denied` back, - I've tried fetching `shopifyPaymentsAccount` from QueryRoot as well as from `shop.shopifyPaymentsAccount` (which is deprecated, but I've given it a chance). Checked `headers`, - all good there. Tried to fetch another data, for which app has granted persmission, - all good there as well.


Does someone has any ideas why we are facing this error when using GraphQL api?


Will appreciate any feedback

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Hey @azhmakin,


Thanks for providing these details. I've tested from my end and can confirm that Shopify Payments payouts aren't currently accessible through the GraphQL API despite having granted the necessary scopes. I've raised this issue with our developers who will be investigating further, and I'll post back here as soon as I have an update.


In the meantime, I've confirmed that payout details can be accessed through the REST API using the `/admin/api/2019-10/shopify_payments/payouts.json` endpoint.

JB | Solutions Engineer @ Shopify 
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Hi @_JB .

Thank you for response.


Please, keep me posted with updates.


Thank you in advance.


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Hi @_JB .

The problem with ShopifyPaymentsAccount access is still relevant.

Is there any progress in solving this issue?

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Is there any update on this issue?

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Can we get an update on this? It's been almost a year Shopify. 🙂

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I'm also having the same issue here. Any updates?

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I'll also shout into the void by saying "Why is this not working if it's part of the documentation?"

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This is still not fixed even after more than a whole year. I too face exact same issue still in March 2021, I don't know how Shopify being this much delay in fixing issues being a paid service. 

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Hi all,

I have this issue too. It has been 2 years since the first report. Maybe it won't be fixed.

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Can you please confirm when this will be fixed? We are reliant on this data for our Shopify app and it is blocking us from providing all the features required.