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Hi All...We have been for years updating products daily thru a script with product and variant changes (we only have one variant).  We have many sites and a large volume of products.  When we update the products we pass the Inventory_quantity to the products API.  I see documentation saying the inventory quantity cannot be sent after July 1 of next year in the admin/products api.   Do we now have to add a separate API call to inventory_levels.json to update the Inventory_quantity?

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Hi @JohnO2 ,


Yes, that is correct. After July 1st 2020, the last version of the Shopify API that supports the legacy inventory behaviour will be deprecated. You need to update your app to use the new method of managing inventory with the Admin API which utilizes inventory levels. And yes, to do this you need to first making API calls to get the inventory item ID of a product variant and then get its inventory levels (

GET https://{shop}{product_id}/variants/{variant_id}.json), and then another call to update the inventory levels (

POST https://{shop}


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I am a bit new to shopify. So what I need to do is - update inventory in wordpress when inventory is updated in shopify.

So, using webhook, I can manage that - I figured that out. But, for e.g. in this one: GET https://{shop}{product_id}/variants/{variant_id}.json

How do  I get product and variant id? When my webhook url is called, do I receive any data?? If yes, then how do I get that data?


Please assist ASAP.!