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Receipt printing: Where to start?

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Hi, I'm brand new at this so please go easy on me. My background is in c/c++, objective-c, and python. I'm just beginning to look into javascript. 

What I'd like to do is to write an app for Shopify POS that will allow me to print to any generic zebra printer connected via bluetooth, WiFi, or lan, and to specific star micronics receipt printers connected by bluetooth (sm-l200 specifically).

What I know I need to figure out is first how to communicate to attached printers via wifi, bluetooth, or physical connection, and secondly where to find the data that Shopify usually includes in printed receipts.

For the first, I have a couple leads that I'm investigating, being WebSocket and WebBluetooth. For the second I'm hoping it's all included in the API somewhere, but I'm not really sure. 

Anyone have any advice they can share? Any links to resources or pointers on what to investigate and read up on first?




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