Recreate Shopify's Sales Over Time Report with API data

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I am looking to reproduce the sales over time (default shopify report) Order number.  I am using the API GET/admin/orders.json


Just in case anyone is wondering this is in order to combine orders from other Store front APIs to give me sales by day from all sales channels.


default sales over time reportdefault sales over time report


I have the data but my summarized numbers by day are not lining up perfectly.  I assume this is because one or more of the following:


  • I am using the date created instead of date modified
  • I am using the date created instead of the date closed
  • I am using the time from the API - Maybe the report in shopify is using a different time zone then the api?
  • I am showing all orders (status = all) maybe should not be counting a certain status
  • Maybe not accounting for returns?

Any other ideas?


Note I have downloaded my data and went back and forth a bit and will continue but was hoping someone had already solved this issue.


shopify orders table columnsshopify orders table columns

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I would also like to do the same thing.  It seems hard to find specific and clear examples of API GET statements to return the desired data to build financial reports.  Reading the API documentation isn't clear enough on how to combine different parameters to extract orders by date with specific attributes.

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Did you resolved it? I am working on it right now and I would like to get help with it 🙂

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Meirgold, I never did, I'm afraid.