Retrieving Shipping Costs via API

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Bumping this because we still need a resolution for this if it does not exist yet.


Pulling Freight costs (what we paid to the carriers) out of Shopify is absolutely critical for us and needs to be a part of the standard framework.

+1 to make this data available in the Order API.  Just got another request for it from a customer of our app.

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Any updates on this ?

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Seems to be crickets from Shopify on this one, and now I'm stuck as a result as well as all the rest of the community.  This is basic stuff in a platform!  We are dying without this ability to easily retrieve our data.  


Status?  Anything?  Is it coming or is it a dead topic to Shopify?

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Hi Josh,


Is there a way to get this data from the Shopify Flow app?

Any update on when it will be available to get from the Orders API? 

We absolutely need this... please!

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Just to let thread still alive ....


Hope have something soon ... if is still no available ( I am not working on this right now) 


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Any updates?

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Is there any update on this, this is quite important to build our app.

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I now there are quite a few people in here reading this.


Have you guys been successful fetching the shipping_label_created_success verb on the events endpoint ? ( It's not in the documentation as well. )


Even if I list all events in the collection there is now event with this verb.


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@LukeG the code below is a little snippet of C# that is getthing the rates back for me.  This one threw me because I wasn't  getting the value for *every* shipped order.  When I dug into it I found there are actually two that can get recorded.  Let's hope not three

DataRow[] rows = eventsDS.Tables["events"].Select("verb = 'shipping_label_created_success' or verb = 'external_shipping_label_created_success'");