Running the Shopify POS app in an Xcode iPad emulator - is a Shopify POS App Bundle available?

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I need to do some testing that involves orders and returns generated via the Shopify POS application (vs. via the Admin order management web UI). I would really prefer to do this in an emulated iOS/Android device running on my dev desktop rather than on an actual physical mobile device - for example, I really would prefer to use a genuine keyboard, and copy+paste from the desktop would be very handy.

Is there any way to get the Shopify POS app in the form of an Apple App Bundle, so that I can install it in an Xcode iPad simulator? The simulators cannot install apps from the Apple store when running on Intel due to the hardware platform.

Alternatively, is there a version of the Shopify POS app for Android available for x86 (Atom)? When I try to install it from the Google app store in an Android Studio AVD emulator I get "no eligible devices available" for x86. I presume they are compiling it for ARM, but the ARM emulator images in Android Studio don't have Google Play Store...

Shopify Partner Support pointed me at the community, I think this request is a bit unusual for them.

Thanks in advance for any positive info!