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I want to send email with order confirmation and information about order to email address not only to one. I have two different recipients. Right now one of them stored in the, another one in the order.metafields.recipient_email. In the same time I need to send email to them. I couldn't find the solution. Is this possible? 

Also, in the documentation I found and What email address does the email go to exactly? Maybe I can set that "order conformation" go to the and "shipping confirmation" go to the Or maybe these two fields must be identical?

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@justphred wrote:


I've been looking into how we could allow customers to send confirmation emails/shipping/tracking info to additional/multiple emails. Is that what you were able to accomplish?

The fastest, easiest,  solution is to have a help doc on educating users how to forward the emails you send them in various email clients; it's also the cheapest solution.


Beyond that is building an integration with a transactional email service with a theme customization to collect those other emails. 

Be aware that a big problem here is you must be cautious against bad actors being able to use you as a proxy to harass or send spam.

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