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Setting Shopify Inventory via API results in 'not found' for some products

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I have an integration with a Shopify store and update the inventory level for products via the API

This is working fine for 95% of products, however a few products when I send the set request I end up with "not found" for example:



    "location_id": XXXX,
    "inventory_item_id": XXXX,
    "available": 120

But I end up with:

  "errors":"Not Found"

I know the location_id is correct as this is used across all products and there is only one location set up.

The fetch product result give me:



The inventory_item_id returned is what im using and i cant see any other reason why this product wouldn't allow me to update its inventory. Any ideas?

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Hey Phil, 


This generally happens when an ID being used is incorrect, but I'd need some kind of identifier to be able to verify that for you. 


Would you be able to post the inventory_item_id and a timeframe you were trying to update it in, or an X-Request-Id response header? I could check our logs with either of those and let you know what is going on. 

Josh | Shopify 
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I am having the same issue via Dell Boomi's Shopify Connector

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@leonmunir did you resolve this issue with the Boomi Shopify Connector? 

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I'm actually having a similar issue, did you ever solve it and how? but mine is happening with the close.json

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I am also running into the same issue, is the API working fine or not. Can someone from the shopfiy API team confirm about inventory API's?. 

API Post call:

The json request I am using is below:

"location_id": 40648016009,
"inventory_item_id": 37571466887367,
"available": 1




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I have experienced the same issue in the last few days. Any solution?