Shopify Email verification?

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I was looking at the shopify webhook docs and saw that the customer hooks returns a 'verified_email' field. Does that mean Shopify has email verification?

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Hi @Iliyan_Fermino,

Shopify does not offer an email verification setting for customer emails, as is customary in most other places on the web. By default, when a customer registers for an account on the storefront, they immediately gain access to their account. This presents a problem for certain members-only stores or wholesale businesses.

However, if someone tries to create an account using an email address that is already liked to a customer account (whether through email subscription, previous purchase, or other means) that customer is required to verify their email before creating an account in order to avoid a malicious party gaining access to someone else's order history (or other information) without actually having access to that email address.

I assume that has something to do with the "verified_email" field.

If you are looking to enable customer email verification as part of the customer registration process, this can be achieved in the Customer Fields app with a simple form setting. For more information, you can see this article: Account options: require email verification.


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