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Trying to find a shopify solution for my MVC website

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I have a website that is private for a large group of people, and I am wanting to give them the option to buy products from me.

Essentially, when they log in, I want them to see the Marketplace link, and upon clicking it, take them to my catalog (either in-site or the default one at myshopify).

The problem is the criteria I want to meet. I would like to spin up an account for them so that I can attach a local user ID to them, which I believe can be done via a metafield.

I use aspnetcore and I'm currently using a library from github called ShopifySharp to simply some of this -

I'm having some trouble understanding how to solution the checkout part of the flow - Do I have to build the checkout system on my site and communicate it over to Shopify Payments (my preferred payment processor), or would it be possible to have them populate a cart on my site, and pass that over with the customer information to a pre-built checkout (like the one you'd use checking out on

The only other criteria I have is that they have a full discount on one item, based on their subscription to my website. I believe this can be done fairly easily, and that I have a few options, after looking at the API documentation.

I've read around the documentation but I can't get my head wrapped around the way it should work. Note: This is also the first time I've messed with any e-commerce systems such as shopify! 



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