Tunnel bf256c0ea7e2.ngrok.io not found

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Hey everyone, 


Recently I chose to commit to learning how to create shopify apps by building one myself. 

I'm new to using ngrok and had no issues at first. But now when I run shopify serve and follow the URL I get to a blank screen with the error: 

Tunnel bf256c0ea7e2.ngrok.io not found

I have looked around and posted on their GitHub with an issue but there is no response. I have seen something about whitelisting because ngrok is supposed to generate a new URL every time it runs but I checked and the URL it keeps spinning up is the same constantly. It's also listed in my App setup url's correctly. 


Would really appreciate any help. I'm not ready to give up on my app idea. 

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Thanks. This worked for me on Mac.

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I've been having this problem as well. I learned that free ngrok urls expire, so I used `ngrok http 8081` to create a new one. and I changed .evn HOST to the new url that gave me. Didn't work. So I deleted ngrok.pid as answered above. Now I get "ngrok tunnel stopped" every time I try `shopify app serve` (the tunnel is running in another tab and didn't stop). Am I missing a step?



edit: realized my mistake, I am not supposed to be running my own tunnel in another tab.

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I recently just had this issue and all I had to do was restart the tunnel and update the url

shopify app tunnel stop
shopify app tunnel start

while starting the app with shopify app serve I selected to update the url.

This fixed it for me

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@RoaldKamman Could you please change the "Accepted Solution" to this one: https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-apis-and-sdks/tunnel-bf256c0ea7e2-ngrok-io-not-found/m-p/992...


Deleting the pid file works

rm ~/.cache/shopify/sv/ngrok.pid


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linux/windows version of the answer, (I'm on win 10) ... this from one of the comments at that youtube video.   Worked for me!


 Deleting the file located at "{UserName}\AppData\Local\shopify\sv" on Windows and "~/.cache/shopify/sv/ngrok.pid" on Linux is more efficient solution if anyone is experiencing this issue.

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What worked for me was simply running "shopify app tunnel stop", mentioned in one of the comments of this youtube video.

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@linen  thank you for making it easier for windows users to find and delete ngrok.pid so that ngrok starts making new tunnels again when we run shopify app serve in terminal in vscode 🙂

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On windows 10, I deleted the directory C:\Users\{UserName}\AppData\Local\shopify\sv 


I believe this worked.  Previously, I had removed/reinstalled CLI, ruby, and ngrok2 in my user folder, with no effect.  I also switched from the free ngrok to the $240/year version, all with no effect.