what is the function of the 'published_scope' field?

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Is there any more documentation about the "published_scope" field for custom collections? What is the field used for?

From: http://docs.shopify.com/api/customcollection

{ "published_scope" : "global"}

The sales channels in which the custom collection is visible.

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"global" means it will be visible everywhere and "web" means it won't show up on Point of Sale.

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What about the other way around -  if you want a product to appear on POS, but not on web?




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Hi @laura44 ,


If you are a merchant/store-owner you can set this through the Shopify Admin webpage by going opening the page for your specific product, and then on the right side of the screen clicking the "Manage" link next to Product Availability to select which channels you want your product to be published on.


However if you are building an app and want to accomplish this via the API and not use the web admin, this is only possible through GraphQL using the following resources:

In order to perform these mutations, your app will need the scope "write_publications". As of right now, we are only granting this scope to Private Apps. If you would like your Private App to have this scope, go to your Shopify Partners Dashboard and reach out to 'Partner Support' for more details.

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I have a product with published_scope" as "global", but the published_at date for this product is null. Any reason behind such a behavior?

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I want to set the sales channel in the import product sheet. So I got 'global' and 'web' covered. But what about POS-only? As said, this is something I want to set in the sheet which I import (not for each of my 1500 products in the Admin console). 

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I have the same issue, I need an option to set published_scope to "pos only"

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