What is the the maximum days difference between Processed At and Update At

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I'm pulling Orders API by Processed At, but I noticed that historical dates could change, for example today (01/12/21) I got new order with Processed At at 01/09 (even when I already queried this day). I noticed that the update date is showing 01/12/2021, and the difference is 3 days , but trying to understand if there is a limit for an order to process? 

My plan is to pull from Orders API every day the orders from previous day, but if historical data could change I need to know if there is any limitation. Ideally I don't want to pull all the orders everyday since I don't know what potentially could change.

If you have other idea/solution to this problem please feel free to suggest, I was thinking maybe I should pull the data by update at but it's not recommended in the documentation.


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Have you looked into receiving webhooks for orders? https://shopify.dev/tutorials/manage-webhooks#configuring-webhooks