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Why am I getting a `root_path` error after creating Shopify App via Shopify CLI?

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Hi community,

I am trying to get started with the Shopify CLI and am having problems getting a vanilla app installed (i.e. haven't written any code yet, only trying to get things to connect up properly).

My Setup:

  • Rails 6.1.1
  • Ruby 2.7.2
  • Shopify CLI version 1.5.0 (installed via Homebrew)

Actions I've Taken:

I have used the shopify create, shopify serve, and shopify open commands to make a simple rails app.

When visiting the URL specified by the shopify open command, I get the following error:

undefined method 'root_path' for #<ActionDispatch::Routing::RoutesProxy:0x0000000124837528>


Screen Shot 2021-01-16 at 4.31.51 PM.png

Any ideas what is going wrong here?

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Probably better to ask this as an issue on the github repo itself (and also search for past/closed issues where someone might have had the same issue).

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