Add customer tags automatically to wholesale customers

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Hey everyone,

If you use a wholesale pricing app, you probably rely on adding customer tags to make sure your customers are shown the correct pricing.

Here's how the Customer Fields app helps merchants manage wholesale/B2B customers:

  • Add additional fields to your registration form to collect business information (business license, tax-exempt status, business address, etc.)
  • Install your wholesale registration form on a new page (such as /pages/wholesale-signup) separate from your retail customer registration form (optional)
  • Automatically add customer tags either conditionally based on form inputs, once certain data is validated, or to everyone who submits a certain form
  • We’re also working on our most-requested feature by wholesalers…  we’ll be rolling out account approval workflows in ~2 weeks which will prevent the customer record from being created in Shopify and streamline the process of approving new wholesale customers when more information is needed

Here's a video on how to automatically add customer tags in Shopify using Customer Fields:

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