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Adding a game or quiz before they enter payment method

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Hey everyone,

I have an idea for a new store and one of the main features would be a 'game' that is part of, or just before, Checkout.

I understand that there may be some custom coding required by an expert, unless there is an app/plugin for this!

Is something like this possible:

For example, customer adds product(s) to their basket, goes to checkout but must first answer a question (A, B or C)

Customer inputs a product to their basket, then they click "Proceed to Checkout", within the checkout they fill the customer details in, and then on the next page:

A quiz, or a multiple choice game. If it were to be a game, I am thinking along the lines of SPOT-THE-BALL on


Thanks in advance, any advice or guidance will be much appreciated!

Developers advice will also be wonderful, if you could code something for me that would be grand. 

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You cannot modify the checkout experience unless you are on Shopify Plus and I do not think you'd be able to work around this using a private app and the API.

You could do this on the cart page though .. and then trigger a modal pop-up when they click go to checkout.

Besides the obvious question of "why" you want to do this ... this would typically be a custom integration in the $1,000 - $1,200 range for all breakpoints depending on whether this is tied to some sort of additional promo or discount or other action beyond simple checkout.