Addons for complex products with multiple options? Not T shirts..

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Posted this in the main section, but it would be better here!

Im trialling Shopify, & even though the software itself has next to no features I can use I keep coming back to it because Im sure with all of the apps out there I should be able to get it working. But no luck so far.. & the problem is that I dont do ebay or amazon or hold stock or sell t shirts. What I do is sell products not in stock that have lots of options. I couldnt possibly use variants for everyn option as some would then have hundreds! So Im hoping I can get some advice on which apps to use. Heres my 'need to' list.

- Mix of variants (eg size & finish combined) & modifiers eg colours relating to options chosen (could be 20 or so colours & no they are not standard colours). And modifiers with prices eg several choices where one or more might be more expensive.

- some way to group these or bulk edit them by brand so Im not constantly having to work out how to chanmge a product finish after its been dioscontinued or a new one added.

- Colour & finish swatches to use with them that can be enlarged & scrolled through. Not pictures of the finished product (I dont have all those images)

- Custom filters to filter by the usual (colour & finish) plus extra things. These currently have separate attributes so a product might have the finishes in the modifiers/variants to choose from but the names in the filters are more generic eg 'material' & then names for what type of material it is not what its called by the manufacturer. So Id have two names for finishes, one for filters & one for the website.

- Extra fields eg detailed product dimensions, info on delivery, info on finishes.

- And of course product sub categories & a decent way of structuring product types!

- Plus a module for brand pages as I sell known brands.

Any ideas? Every example I see is T shirts, which I dont sell! Managing & setting up actual products doesnt seem to be a priority which is puzzling..

Im also keen to get a PIM like Jasper to manage them. Currently making changes is a nightmare.

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