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I've placed Product Review above my product description, where I wanted it. Now, I'd like to shorten the review body to an excerpt, say, after the first 150 chars, with a "Read More" link. Any thoughts?

Theme is Supply.

Store URL is




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I found this which should help. But for the CSS override...well, it's been over 4 years since I practiced any code. 🙂



Customize CSS

Product Reviews was designed to adapt to your theme as much as possible. However, you might need to override the Product Review CSS to further customize the look and feel of your reviews and review form.

To customize the CSS:

  1. Using a text editor on your computer, create a file with your CSS overrides. Save it as product-reviews-override.css.

  2. Go to the theme editor.

  3. Click Assets.

  4. Click Add a new asset and upload the product-reviews-override.css file.

  5. Go to the theme.liquid layout.

  6. Paste the following code right before the </head>.

{{ "product-reviews-override.css" | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }}