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Advice on taking phone orders please

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Advice on phone orders please!  Apologies for the long post…

Here’s the situation…

We take about 100 orders over the phone each day.

We also have post-purchase upsells on our site (using Zipify OCU app)

Our agents offer the upsells to the customers “oh – an offer has popped up, you can get another one for 25% off”.

We want to monitor each agent’s success rate at selling the upsells.

What would be your recommendations for doing that?

The two ideas we have come up with – neither of which are ideal - are as follows:

Option 1

Take the order in the Shopify backend (which is obviously the correct way to take a phone order).

However, the upsell app won’t kick-in here.  So we’re relying on the agents knowing all the upsells, the discounts offered and the SKUs so that they can offer them without using the app.  Our upsells vary by product and by promotion and change regularly – so it’s not realistic to have them know all the correct upsells, unfortunately.  They would need it all written down in a binder and it would take a long time on the phone for them to work out which upsell to offer etc.


Option 2

Take the order on the front end – i.e. place the order as a customer would, on our website. 

Obviously not the correct way to take a phone order, BUT the upsell app would trigger and the agent can offer the upsell.

We could track them by either:

  • Adding a dummy zero-value product to each order which contains the agents name or initials.  So for example “PhoneOrderAB”.
  • Adding a £0.01 discount code to each order.  Again, this could contain the agents name or initials.  So for example “PhoneOrderAB”.

By doing this, we would be able to run reports on the orders, sort by agent and track their upsell strike rate.

Any advice for us please?  Or know of an app that is designed to do this?

Any advice would be appreciated!



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