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Affiliate tracking, link tracking

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OK, Im sure this has been talked about a lot, I cant really find what I am looking for.  Trying to get things setup by th end of this week to launch the business and the affiliate program.  

We have a single product sales website.

we want to have anywhere from 1 to 1000 many as possible sales affiliates to help ramp up business as fast as possible.

Looking for the best app to track the affiliates links/codes, etc in order to accurately give them the 10% kick back we are offering....product is 12 dollars, 10% is 1.20 per bottle for the affiliate.  We can scale extremely fast and can handle a huge influx of orders, so that isn't a concern.  We were just going to setup each their own coupon code to use, track it monthly and pay out accordingly, but that's too much work once we reach a certain point (good for like 10 -50 affiliates, but if we are going to get 1000, we are going to be wasting the whole month tracking rather than expanding the business.

Which app is going to suit us the best?

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We use Goaffpro, and it's worked well for us. It will do all of the tracking you're describing. Also, mass PayPal payouts for commissions are quick and easy.

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Hi @Slickeric ,

Our app Konigle is a great match for this requirement of yours with regards to affiliate tracking along with the links codes etc.

We would love to give you a demo of the same.You can go through all the features in the demo and see the value that we can deliver for you.

It is completely integrated with Shopify and is available on Shopify app store(App name: Konigle).We are currently working with multiple small businesses/ manufacturers who sell both online and offline -on shopify and otherwise as well.

Link attached here:

Apart from the above our app also provides various other functionalities which can help you streamlining your operations.The access to the app helps you do a lot more as detailed below:

  • Affiliate Management
  • inventory control alerts
  • collaboration over an order-complete order management 
  • shipment management
  • automated invoicing
  • payment tracking alerts
  • abandoned cart alerts.
  • understock and overstock alerts.

We do offer a free trial as well and email/chat/phone (24*7) support to help you set up.Feel free to reach out to me to take the discussion ahead..(my coordinates-in signature)

Save time running your store with Konigle.
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