After adding a bulk action shopify does not append shopDomain and ids to the link

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I have followed the add bulk actions link here: I am able to select some orders and then choose my bulk action which redirects to my shopify app and I can see the shop and id specified in the query string.

This functionality is working except when I try to select ALL the orders in my orders dashboard. After selecting my bulk action I am redirected to my app but the shop and id params do not exist in the query string. This seems to be an error with shopify selecting certain id's and not related to my implementation. Has anyone encountered this before? Thanks.

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Yes i'm finding the same thing.


On the orders page, If i select 'select ALL orders', the ids querystring is left off, Shopify how can apps obtain the full list of orders/selections?




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Hello i have the same issue did you find any solution ?