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Allowing customer to pick a delivery date and address for each product and not the whole cart?

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I am running a florist website, where people usually want to order more than one product In the same cart, but then being able to pick a specific delivery date and delivery address for this product.

I feel like all the apps available allow you to pick a delivery date and address for the whole cart.

Is there any app that has the level of customization I am looking for?


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Just wondering if you found a solution to this? I too am looking for the option for a date picker per product rather than for the order as a whole. 

Jane 🙂 

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I am looking for a solution to this problem too.

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Hey @thefloralist , @Youssef_Ismail , @JaneEPat  Would something like - work? Should allow you to add custom options to each product that the user can then enter?

There seems to quite a few apps that allow for that kind of thing!

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Hi Matt, 

Thank you for the response. I haven't tried that app - I will reach out to their team to see if it could work. I tried a similar app called "Infinite Options", but it only allows for 1 calendar.

The app Delivery Date Pro looks like it is the best solution to my problem.  @Youssef_Ismail , @JaneEPat

Thank you!