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Ambassador Collection page managed by them on my Shopify

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We would like our ambassador to be able to create their own "collection" or section on our Shopify and allow them to manage it directly. 

Those ambassador or Influencer, usually get an affiliate link to one of our product, but we would like to provide them a more personalised page with all the products of our store they can recommend to their fanbase with one link and the page personalised to them. 

The product will be the same we have in our shop, so they couldn't add new product, but select our product, and ideally change the description or add their own part of the description to explain why they like the product, and create sub categories for those products. We want the to be able to manage it in an independent manner without our administrator to do it - and as they are third party partner, we don't want them to access to all the back end of our Shopify administrator. We tried to see if we can limit access to "collection page" but didn't find a solution. 

Ideally they could : 

- Select the product they want for there page 

- Change the description of the product

- Have a specific template for their collection. (they could choose from ours, and customise title etc.)

- add subcategory of product

--> all invoice etc. will be done by us, but influencer will get their affiliate commission. (we will work with a third party affiliate software to manage that part)


Please let me know what you think it's possible, or how much would it cost to develop it, I appreciate your help. 



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Hey @hndk , 

It sounds like you want a similar feature to Amazon's influencer pages for your Shopify store. Where the influencer can create their own page of favorite products. 

I think this can be accomplished using tags + collections.

A Shopify app could add tags with the influencer's code and then create a collection of products that have that tag. 

I'm not sure about changing descriptions or creating subcategories - that may require more thought. 

If you're still interested in this - please let me know, I'll consider adding it to the roadmap of my ambassador app -

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I am also in need of this feature. Has there been any update here?