Any recommendations for a quantity price break app that doesn't show on the product page?

Any recommendations for a quantity price break app that doesn't show on the product page?

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I am looking for an app for Quantity Price Breaks but I don't want it showing on the page/product they are buying


Its not to sell more as such..


For example I am a fabric supply business.  I currently sell in 1m increments. I have had requests to change to 1/2m increments which is fine but as it is more labour intensive and costs the business more i need it to reflect that so I am wanting it to add and extra $1 for this but if the customer buys 1m to still charge the normal 1m price


1/2m = $18

1m = $34

1.5m = $52

and so on 


So question is there an app like this i can configure that doesn't show on the product page?

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You can use the built-in "Buy X Get Y" discounts to set something like this up:



In your example above it would be BUY 3 (1/2m@$18) GET 3.7% OFF ($2)

You would then only have one option of 1/2m for $18 shown on the product page. Hope that helps!

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UX problem, with "doesn't show on the product page" how does the customer know they are getting the right increment/quantity, or know the what the price they are paying?


Not sure if you going to find an off-the-shelf price break app that can work like this , they are generally linear in price discounting not skipping up and down as the volume increases or if they can may be a TON of data entry to cover sellable ranges.

May want to look for sell by the measurement , sell by weight , etc type of apps.


A theme customization method is to make separate variants where "increment" is the option where customers then select the quantity. 

That for the increment:1/2 option the quantity input is constrained to jumps to ever x.5, and increment:1 option is just whole numbers.

Going further would be making it dynamic and hiding the increment-option and only showing the quantity field that under the hood flips between the variants as the user increase the quantity every 0.5.

Then for the backend sync the inventory between variants/skus using an app such as mechanic(examples), or a shopify-flow automation.


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Hi @Materialmagic 


How user is going to select 1/2 option you have drop-down or input field where user enter the required mt size.


For adding extra amount we can custom code in theme which will check for 1/2m value and add extra cost product as labour cost in their cart on clicking of add to cart.



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