Any way to properly set iOS universal links ?

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I'm currently working on a custom iOS app for a Shopify shop, and I'm running into issues setting up proper Universal Links

As of right now, it seems that we can't set up iOS universal link URL patterns ourselves on the AASA (apple app site association), and the only available url pattern is the good old "/*". This poses an issue as I don't want the app to open on every, single, page of the shop website. As a consequence, I only have two options right now :
- Just deal with it, let the app get opened every single time. Not a good solution.
- Use openUrl(_:options:completionHandler:), which opens the app, then returns to safari almost immediately. This is ugly and is definitely not a solution.

So is there any other way to handle it, or is it a better solution to just drop the support for Universal Links?

If not, can we expect any changes in the (near) future ?

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Have you considered using a service like Branch to generate Universal links? 

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We're having the exact same problem. Have you found a solution to this issue? I'm only able to either allow ALL paths, or none, however I want some paths to point to our native app and others to continue to map to the website.