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My apologies in advance if my terminology is not correct, as I am new to this. I am looking for the best apps that will allow me to do the following things. I'm not sure if I will need to use a combination of apps, if one app can do it all, or if I just need to hire a developer to figure it all out for me (if so, any ideas on estimated costs are welcome). I need to be able to:

-Sell multiple products from the same drop shipper as one item for purchase on my site. I have seen bundle apps, which will work if it's bundled on the back end and not visible to customer. 

-Need customers to be able to upload multiple images for their order. 

-Need live product preview that would include these images. 

-Would also like to have other variants that can change such as color of an item and be visible with live preview.

For a basic example, let's say I want to sell three different size coffee mugs altogether as one regular purchase (not a bundle & save type order), and allow customers to upload a different image to be printed on each one and allow the customer to select the color of mug for each one while having all of this show in a live preview.  What is the best way, if any, to accomplish something like this? Thanks to everyone in advance for your help! 


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for custom products i would recommend "Fancy Product Designer"