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Hi all!

We are a fulfillment service beginning to work with Shopify stores and we are considering building a Shopify App. We have certain integrations set up for our clients but we are having trouble with reconciling and controlling products between Shopify and our database.

A few questions in regards to creating an app:

  1. Can we interrupt and/or deny certain processes in Shopify if data does not reconcile with our DB? Or would we need to create a new interface to control and then push changes to Shopify 

    1. Example: We want to verify there are no duplicates  for certain fields in our database but the Shopify clone feature complicatetes this. Can we interrupt actions like the clone process, verify data with an external request and then deny or continue the process based on external processes, or require changes to certain fields before committing?)

    2. Example2: Could you prevent the user from performing certain actions altogether? Can we prevent the user from ever changing a variant's SKU from the Shopify UI?

      1. In my head, I imagine these sort of thing can be done with listeners. but it all seems pretty hacked out to me. Does anyone have experience with this or suggestions for a better process?

  2. Can anyone give some examples of existing apps that help reconcile Shopify data with external databases?

  3. What are the typical maintenance costs of an app? Do they often/frequent maintenence updates due to Shopify changes?

    1. Can anyone here tell me a little about an experience with an app that turned out to be more effort than it was worth?

I'd love to talk to any product managers and/or devs that have created apps and are willing to let me pick their brain.

Thanks in advance!!

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Website is the best way to advertise your brand, or to explore your ideas, so there are some suggestion you can keep in mind before creating your website which are:

  1. Keep your objective clear i.e. your goal
  2. Learn about basic tools and software which are needed by your website
  3. Try to keep your website eyebreathing i.e. it should not be too colorful, or extra content.

You can also take help from tools like wordpress.