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Hi there, 

We are looking to use the Accentuate app to add metafields to products. These products won't be sellable, but we want to make the product specifications (i.e. the metafields) available as downloads.

We can't seem to find any apps that have this functionality - e.g. customer adds 2 products to 'cart', then the product specifications become available on a dynamically populated pdf or download.

Example journey:

  1. Customer adds product(s) to 'cart'
  2. App pulls in the product(s) product information and metafields, populating a pdf file
  3. Customer downloads the file

Does anyone have any experience with something similar they can suggest please?


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Hi @TeamBlueCrush12 ,

Sorry to hear your search came up short in the app store. You have a great description of what you want though. We came across pdf-uploader only it's not dynamically generated based on metafields from what I can tell in the listing. That could be a problem for you if those values are constantly changing. You'll end up spending more time making PDFs. Technically speaking what the app should do is send the metafields to an app proxy then respond with a downloadable PDF. Obviously easier said than done. I already have apps that work with PDFs I think you can have this working in less than a week if you hire a developer.

All of our custom apps have the ability to create customized PDFs either through direct download or email.

Just visit our website or send me an email


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