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Auto-reply to a contact form submission?

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently using the standard contact form from my theme and am looking for a way to have an automatic reply go out to my customer after they submit the form. I understand there is no current way to do this with the default contact form, but does anyone know if there is an app in the store that does this?

I looked into some apps like MoonMail Autoresponder, but that seems more tied to an email marketing campaign than a contact form submission. (Unless there's a way I can hack an app like this to achieve an auto reply via the contact form...?)

Alternatively is this something I could hire a developer to create for me? (I've never hired a developer for my site, since I'm able to front-end code myself – but I am not a back-end code expert.)

Thanks in advance!


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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi Laura!

Seán here from Shopify 🙂

I've checked this out for you here, and I've come across an app you can use called Contact Form by It allows you to set up a very customisable contact form for your site, and set up email notifications for whenever a customer submits a form. It's also free, and comes fully supported by the app developers.

Hope this helps 🙂

All the best,

Shopify Support Guru

Seán | Shopify 
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Interesting option, Laura.


It does allow for an automated email response, but...
It is designed as a "Contact Us" form, so unlimited requests per user are free.
To limit to one per user, you upgrade to the $8/month starter plan.

That's pretty necessary for a newsletter subscription, so you can do it, 
but it's a pretty expensive way to get a single response to a subscription.

MailMunch is a nice app that does a better job of managing the display of the form,
but the only way to get an automated response is to integrate with MailChimp or some other
bulk mail system. (Contact Form does that too, of course.)

Why is it that Shopify doesn't offer anything that will send a single email?

After all, the time-honored technique for acquiring subscribers is to offer something free, like a PDF.


How can you do that without an email response? 

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This app does just what you need

It adds auto-reply functionality to your shopify built-in contact form.