Auto-Ship App

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Is there an available app that provides the ability for our customers to take advantage of auto shipments? We've tested about 5 and none seem to work the way we need them to, most of the apps send invoices over instead of actually charging the card, which 99% of the time the order isnt processed due to the fact, the customer forgets, or the customer doesnt feel it actually "Auto-Ship" if they have to go in and confirm payment. We did find one app that would have worked great called "PayWhirl Recurring Payments" but unfortunately Shopify is only supporting the Shopify Payments gateway for subscriptions that work through their cart. We tried downloading a multi platform app which would allow us to use with the autoship/Subscription app. It looks like for the multi platform app approval from shopify is needed first. Is there any other apps out there similar to PayWhirl or a method to get Shopify to approve our multi platform app usage?