automatically Deleting products from online store/admin with zero inventory

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The following was on a help page in shopify...

"If you don't want to change your automated collections so that out-of-stock products are hidden, then you can try using an inventory management app from the Shopify App Store instead. ** Some of these apps can automatically hide or delete products from your store when they're out of stock. **

I sell one of a kind items, and my POS and online store share the same inventory.  If it sells in the brick and mortar store, I want it to be deleted from my online store immediately.  Not just hidden, not just 'out of stock'.  The help page says "Some of the apps can automatically delete products from your store when the are out of stock"

Does anyone know what app would do this?   

Unfortunately, it would be nice if shopify had this option itself, but after hours and hours on chat I have determined it does not.

Thanks for any insights.




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Hey @lauramonty what are you using for your POS system?

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