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Barcode Scanner app and Quickbooks

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I am trying to setup and sync a barcode app and Quickbooks.  I see Shopify only supports their own barcode scanner and only works on iOS.  I have my own barcode scanner and want to use it on my PC.  I downloaded Quick Scan for a trial.  I am able to scan barcodes, but can't get them into my Shopify account.  I have tried to contact their customer service to no avail.  If this is their customer service (none), then I don't think I want this product.  At $5/month seemed like a good starting solution for me.  The next app I see starts at $29/month.  I want to be able to scan, track and sell from using the barcode.  Also, I just subscribed to Quickbooks, it says it syncs with Shopify but I see you need to buy other app in order to do this?  I wish there was some simple really good bundles that a new business could just use without all the wasted time trying to figure out what works with what.  I hope someone can help!   Thank you!

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We've continuously had problems with the barcode scanner we have from Shopify. And the POS system only works on IOS devices. Its really not a great system