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Best free apps

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Hello there, just wondering what are some of the best free/low-cost apps on Shopify? I don want them to be spammy apps, maybe something that can compare to John lewis, Fourseasons, Selfridges sites. I'd like to make my store as professional as possible.


Thanks a lot.

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Hello @Selforigin 

Try this app:

Hope this helps!

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Hi Selforgin, with a quick search, I come across a variety of free apps (low cost) with thousand of reviews. To mention a few:

In addition, there are lots of newly released free apps that actually noteworthy for a look:

For more, you can have a look at the Shopify app store here.

Speaking of which, I believe if you can specify your demand:

  • What do you need the app for? e.g marketing, checkout, cart, delivery, etc.
  • How much can you afford? e.g ranging from $50 - $150.

Then we could give you a better answer that satisfies your needs & wants.

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There are lots of free apps.. I can suggest few, If you please mention your exact needs.

Also, You can try this one for any kinda niche store-   I am using it. You can use far longer with the free package. It's a gamified email popup app that asks the shopper to play a game to ‘win’ bigger discounts. Tada’s engaging pop-ups will allow you to collect more email addresses.

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The best free app in my heart is Facebook chat box by Autoketing. I have been using it for years now. Totally meet my need.

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You can try Messent . It helps you to send sms marketing to your customers. You can organize your marketing campaig, analyze and receive report as well. And you don't have to pay cause it's free. 

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@Selforigin you could at least use a social proof addon, like free plan from "Social Proof popup maker". 

While on the subject, gamification comes in many different shapes and forms. From the reviews, the spinning wheel seems has the most popular vote, which begs the question, why? I wonder.

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If you're looking for a marketing app, I recommend using Bestpush app since it helps you to increase conversion rates and also is low-cost. It is absolutely worth it.
Hope you find it helpful

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If you are looking for a low cost sales pop app give a try. They have a 2$ plan.

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Hi @Selforigin 

You can try these free awesome apps below:

Proof- Social Proof by Avada Commerce (Rating: 25677 - 5 / 5) is a great app that can support the store to boost conversions by displaying live sales notifications on the store frontend.

More specifically, it assists stores in showing real-time purchases, which will lead customers to the feeling of missing out on your product. As a result, they are more likely to buy that product. In addition, this application also helps you to grow the trust of customers. Thanks to the display of sales notification popups, customers would feel that your store is busy daily with purchases occurring continuously. This would be an effective social proof to persuades them to make payment. Not yet, the popups are fully customizable. You can change their Color, Font, Border, Animation effects, etc. and even their display positions on your page. Consequently, your popups would be able to match well with your theme as well as purpose.

SEO Suite (Rating: 162 - 4.9 / 5) eliminate slow loading page and make website friendly with Google Search engine without requiring any technical skills. This app is a comprehensive solution for an optimized website as key features such as image, structure data, meta tags, HTML Sitemap are well-supported.

Specifically, with SEO Suite by Avada, you can auto-inserts ALT tags to your images as well as compress them to fasten the loading speed of your site. Moreover, auto-add Google structure data helps the search engine understand your page content easier and then prioritize it on the searching results page. Not yet, optimized meta tags with ready-to-use format assist you to SEO your site better. There are many more attractive features waiting for you to discover!

For more free apps, I've prepared for you a list of 65+ Best Shopify Free Apps Free 2020.

Hope it helps!

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Following FAQs app would definitely help you to reduce your customer service requests. 

Easy FAQ by Avocados Lab

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Hey @Selforigin,

OptiMonk is another great free app that can help you to delight your visitors and personalize their experiences while growing your sales. You can launch popups, sidemessages, and notification bars in minutes, without coding. Whether you want to grow your email list, recover abandoned carts, upsell products with personalized recommendations, or promote special offers, OptiMonk makes it easy.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via email: 

The OptiMonk team

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Hi @Selforigin,

For free apps, I would recommend Facebook Chatbox by Autoketing. It runs smoothly. 

For low-cost apps, Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool is on the menu. Compare to the revenue it brings to my Shopify Store, I consider it as the best 4.99 bucks I've ever spent.

Hope you find this useful. Cheers!


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The BeProfit - Profit Tracker is a free app that gives you a dashboard to track and analyze your store's profits and expenses (including production, shipping, marketing costs). With BeProfit - Profit Tracker you can easily understand your data at a glance and discover where to focus your effort in order to maximize your Shopify store's profit.

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Give Upsell Wizard a try. Its got a Free Forever plan (which supports 200 add to carts per month) and can definitely help you increase average order value. 

You basically just setup which products you want to trigger funnel (series or list) of offers. When a customer adds a trigger product or collection to their cart, they are presented with the offers you setup. This can mean that, instead of adding a single product to their cart, a customer may add 2 or 3, possibly doubling or tripling the amount they spend with you.

If your store gets a lot of traffic, there are also paid plans that are much cheaper than the competition. Even on the free plan, though, there is no branding from the app so its completely transparent and will let you look professional.