Best way to create a buyable poster wall?

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Hi Shopify community! 

I am currently running an online poster store and want to implement a new typ of product which is a complete poster wall with different posters bundled as one product. Like this example

Does anyone have any suggestions how to achieve this best? Should I use an app like Thimatic Bundle or build something custom? 

Thank you 🙂 


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Hi @hannahedin,

There are a few options depending on how perfect you want it! 
1. The simple option, just create a new product, e.g. “Modern Poster Wall”. Upload a picture of the poster wall and maybe even add different variants with a few different selections of posters. This way you’re not installing any apps, keeping it simple and saving money! However, this will limit you in some aspects such as the user not being able to select individual posters as part of the bundle. 

2. As you suggest, you could use a bundle app. There are a lot out there, and I’m sure one would be close to fitting your use case! I don’t have enough experience with each of them to make any recommendations unfortunately.

3. Commission a custom app to be developed to handle your exact requirements.

Unless you want massive flexibility in how these poster walls are composed, I’d personally stick with number 1 as it’s the cleanest solution in my opinion! 

Hope this helped.


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Great, thank you so much for the input! We will go with the "static" master product in option 1 🙂