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Building apps that handle variable weights

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I am just about to start work on a client project and we need to handle variable weights on each product. So here is a little bit of background on how their system works and how somehow I need to work out how to bend SHopify to work with this a bit!


Basically customers visit the store with a container of some kind, could be a jar, could be a Tupperware style box and they fill it with loose products. The shop sells a lot of loose food items, such as cereal, rice, pasta and so on. They follow the steps below:


  1. Customer enters the shop with at least one empty container to fill up with their chosen product(s)
  2. Takes empty container to scale
    1. Scale prints barcode that shows weight of container
  3. Customer fills container with product
  4. Customer takes filled container to the scales again
    1. Scans weight barcode
    2. Selects product on screen
    3. Re-weighs the file in container
    4. Scales deduct weight of container
    5. Provides second barcode with weight / price / product
  5. They take their item(s) to the till
  6. Employee scans (second) barcode
    1. POS reads product type
  7. Employee selects “Unit Pricer” app
  8. Unit Pricer app lists all products that have a weight
    1. The products are identified in the back end during inventory set-up
    2. User manually inputs weight of the item
    3. Clicks finish
  9. Payment taken etc etc
  10. Transaction completed

So with this all in mind how can I eliminate the need to enter anything manually such as step 8.2 above? Is it possible?


I appreciate that SHopify products can be given variants, all of which may be incremental but can we create unique ones on the go??

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Did you find a solution to this?
Did you go with another software solution?


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Our company Filljoy ( has built the exact functionality you describe for Shopify POS and we take it a step further by bypassing the need for any printed barcodes - you can view a short demo video on our site. We have multiple Shopify merchants using our app in their stores and they've been quite happy.


Please reach out if you are interested, thanks.



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Hi all,

Our app (average 5 star rating) is now live in the Shopify App Store: