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Bundle App for Customized Items?

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I'm trying to find an app that will bundle a "normal" item with a personalized item and the customer can enter the personalization prior to adding them both to cart. 

We sell dog collars and we'd like to have customer bundle them with our personalized ID tags but all the apps we find won't allow the customer to provide their details prior to adding them both to the cart. 

Is there such thing? What's the best way to handle this? If they add both items to their cart, they can't go back and personalize it before checkout so I'm stumped. 

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I guess you need a product customizer more than a bundle app? For product customizer, you can take a look at Zakeke 

Unfortunately, most bundle apps don't work well with customizer apps. If you're looking for a bundle app, I don't know any one which is possible

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