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Hi! I need to calculate the shipping depending on my cost per item, not the customer's order summary. Is there an app for that specific terms?


I'm grateful for all the help I can get! 


/ Ida 

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Hello @inordlund 

Can you elaborate little further on your cost per item based shipping calculation? Do you want to specify unique shipping rate for each product or group of products? 

From what i understood I think, Shipping Rates by ZipCode app is 100% match for your requirement. This app supports shipping rates based on ZipCodes with lot of Conditions like Products selection, Price, Weight, Qty and many more.

Its multi-feature app and you can setup various conditional logic as per your requirement:

  • Based on Product Selection (Here you can set different shipping for each product)
  • Based on Product Selection with Weight or Price
  • Based on Order price
  • Based on Min and Max Weight
  • Based on Item Weight
  • Based on Item Qty
  • Based on Cart Total Percentage

You should give it try and contact support for professional setup service at zero cost. 

See if this helps.

Thank you!