Can a custom app be successfully installed on multiple stores?

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So I have been trying to get an answer from the partner team to what I believe is kind of a straight forward question. But they couldn't really give me a decisive answer. So now I will try my luck with you good people.


So custom app's are listed as only being able to install on one shop. So one app per shop. But when I asked the partner team in this matter whether it could in fact be installed on multiple stores. They couldn't really tell me.

So has anyone tried to install a custom app on multiple stores with success?

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Custom apps can be installed on only 1 store not on multiple stores.

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I've run into the same problem, and I have an additional question

We run two relatively small sites , (hence) we are not in the Plus plan.
I wrote a simple checkout validation app that we want to apply to both sites. But as it seems, we need to make two versions of the same app to be able to deploy it. Or upgrade to Plus which is much too expensive at this time
That seems like a an unneccesary and somewhat odd restriction.
Can anyone confirm this, or give tips as how to best approach this?