Can an app add embroidery option to our products?

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Is there an app that will add Embroidery to our product? Say we sale 24 each of the same product can the customer have an option to put embroider on 24? 24 X $3.50 = $84.00  so $84.00 would automatically added to invoice.

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Hi @Cindylou,

You should use the Product Options app, it helps you set up the Option in many formats: checklist, Multiple choices, Note, etc, and set additional price for each option.

There are a few good apps on the app store, you can consider these apps (integrated well with PageFly page builder in case you want to customize your product page)

- Infinite Product options

- Product Customizer

- Product personalizer

I hope you find this helpful.



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Hi @Cindylou,

I see that it's been a while since you raised this topic, and you might have already found a solution. Nevertheless, I'd like to offer a simple and effective solution for you (and other members) to consider for future reference 😊.


My suggestion is to use the Easify Product Options app to create custom options on your product pages. Here's a quick demonstration on how you can use the app:

  • Create a new option set:



  • Add an option that allows customers to select the quantity of products they want to have embroidery on (e.g., 24) - using the Quantity option type.



  • Set a price for each quantity (e.g., $3.50) so that depending on the quantity the customers enter, the app will automatically calculate the additional price.



  • After creating your option set, select the relevant product(s) on your site to add the custom options to the selected product pages.



If there's anything specific in your requirements that I've missed, let me know, so I can provide additional suggestions 🤗.

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