Can an app enable custom handwritten engravings on jewelry?

Can an app enable custom handwritten engravings on jewelry?

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I'm looking for an app that will allow a customer to write a note, draw a small image, or add something that is custom and handwritten that we can then use to engrave their handwritten image onto jewelry. Is there an app that will allow for something like this or would this require custom code?

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Hi @RySid,

I highly recommend giving the Easify Product Options app a try. This app allows you to create custom options for your customers to select directly on the product page. Here's a quick demonstration and suggestion on how you can set it up 😊:

  • Install the app and create a new option set:



  • Add a Text Area option to let your customers write a note, or use a Text Box option for the text they want engraved onto the jewelry.

Text Area:



Text Box:



  • For additional personalization, consider adding an option for customers to select the font for the engraved text. You can use either the Dropdown or Image Swatches option type for this purpose.

Dropdown with images:



Image Swatches:



  • Add a File Upload option, allowing your customers to upload the image or file containing the design they want to engrave onto the jewelry.



  • After creating your option set, make sure to assign it to the relevant jewelry products on your site:



For reference, you can check out some similar demos created by the Easify Product Options app.

The app offers an intuitive live preview, making it very user-friendly. I encourage you to experience the app yourself to see how seamlessly it works 🤗.

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Hello @RySid 

Inkybay- Product Personalizer Could be the solution to your need. It allows customers to write notes, add drawing images, or add custom elements for engraving onto jewelry. No custom code is required, as Inkybay offers a ready-to-use solution for personalized engraving on your website.



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Unless I misread what was written, the apps listed above won't suit your use case, as you're looking for a way for customers to physically draw the note while on your online store, as opposed to just uploading an image of a pre-written signature (I can't imagine most people have one of these sitting around ready-to-go).


It also doesn't seem like there are any apps for this in the Shopify App Store, as everything that comes up for "handwritten notes" is intended for stores to send handwritten notes to their customers, not vice-versa.


While I'm not aware of any apps that implement this, here's the approach you should take if you want build a custom app for allowing customers to attach handwritten notes to their orders.


You'll need to add some code to your product page that uses the signature_pad JS library to allow your customers to draw signatures in their browser.


Once a signature is collected, render it to an SVG, and add it to a line item's properties.


Check out this tutorial by a Shopify Community Manager to learn how to add custom fields, like this signature field, to your product pages:


You can then view these line item properties on orders in your backend.


Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hey I need This Exactly Are You able to Do this For Stores if I give You Access to my Shopify Backend?