Can an app sell specific product gift cards?

Can an app sell specific product gift cards?

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Is there an app that can be used to sell gift card for specific product? 
Like a button at the product page "buy gift card" and then you can buy this specific product and send to your friend as a gift card.

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Hi @Krumshonnun  I know the perfect app for you. I have an offline + online shoe brand and i use 99minds Loyalty and Gift Card App so that my customers can redeem gift cards and loyalty points in store and online, in any channel of their choice. It ticks all the features you need plus  instore and online POS integration with also integrating Gift Cards.  It has a whole lot more features which are very needful for any clothing brand to increase customer retention and loyalty. 

I am unsure about the button for the "buy gift card",but the support on the application is amazing and swift and will definitely help you. The best thing about the app is its flexibility plus the price. Its very affordable for small businesses and very simple to integrate.


Here is the link:


Do let me know if you need any more inputs. All the best