Can anyone recommend a cross sell / upsell app for alternative color display?

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Hi, wondering if anyone here can help.

We are looking for a cross sell / upsell app that we can use to display 'alternative colours' of the same model and vendor of a product.

Ideally one that will work this way automatically or if manually setting them will update all other colours to link backwards so when linking product A to B, B automatically links back to A.

would also prefer it to be able to sit under the product image in a carousel.

we currently have a basic version of this working though custom fields but its huge task to update these but should give you an idea of what we're after:

if anyone has any recommendations for an app that will work this way it would be much appreciated.

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Hi @Gerry-Pret!

I would like to recommend tou KAD Upsell app. It will help you create different offers for your customers with and without a discount. Offers will be shown on the fully customizable banner that will match your theme perfectly.

I'm also really interested in your carousel idea, it would awesome if we could discuss it in more details.

More about the app you can find here: KAD Upsell • Cross Sell

Please let me know what you think.

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There is an app that I want to recommend to you. The name of it is Ultrasell. I can't thank this app enough for helping in increasing revenues. 

The support team is also state of the art as they helped fix my problems in less than one day regardless of what the problems are.


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Hi @Gerry 

The team at Frankie that has specialised in personalized recommendations for several years has just released a new app that may be able to assist you.
It is Inline:

Here it is on a demo store:

The key idea is re-thinking where recommendations appear in the shopping flow.

Inline presents recommendations from a Collection page (not product page as is most common)

We have the ability to also add product variants in the same interface (so the shopper can select 'variants', or 'see related').

You can install the app, it is super lightweight, very fast and does not install code on your store.

Let me know if this is of interest. You can contact us at


- Tom

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Hi @Gerry-Pret 

This is Boost Product Filter & Search - a solution that grows more sales for online stores by letting shoppers find the right products within milliseconds. As a Shopify Partner who is trusted by over 11,000 merchants, I would like to provide my recommendation.

Each app has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it's hard to say which app would suit your personal need. However, we think that you should have a look at this article - Cross-sell and upsell techniques: All you need to know to have a deeper understanding of the term. Meanwhile, you can give our app a try to see how it helps you in converting more sales. 

I hope to see you leverage your store site and see more sales soon. 

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Hi @Gerry-Pret

I'm Richard - CRO Expert at PageFly Landing Page Builder. Welcome to Shopify Community!

Regarding your concern, you could try some cross sell apps like LimeSpot Personalizer, Cross Sell or WISER - great news is these apps have already integrated with PageFly and you could easily use them with PageFly via drag-and-drop system. Besides that, we also get to experience some of the other great upsell apps on Shopify App Store, you could refer this article

Hope my answer will be helpful to you!

Best of luck!


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