Can anyone recommend an app for specific item gift receipts?

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We are using Shopify POS in store the shopify gift receipt is not great as it will print ALL the items bought, rather then the one item we need the gift receipt for.  Has anyone come across an app or solution for this?

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Hi There,

I’m a Guru here at Shopify. This is a really great question, and sounds to me like an excellent feature request! While at this time possible to print individual gift receipts on a per item basis, one thing that you can do would be to use the app: Order Printer ( ;

This will allow you to print custom order templates, however they would have to be printed on a regular printer, and not the receipt printer. If you aren’t sure how to create the template code, you can always try out

Hope this helps 🙂 

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Hi Rychelle,

Unfortunately we don't have any apps for POS that allows you to print customized gift receipts. That being said, a popular app with many of our merchants is Receiptful, which allows you to "superchage" and personalize your receipts more than Shopify currently does! 🙂

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Hello! Is Shopify working on this feature still? It would be so nice as we move into holiday!

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Hi Rychelle, did you end up having a good solution for this problem? 

To me, its a major issue to have zero return policy information being printed on our Gift Receipt.  Does this mean I'm going to have someone return something a year from now with a gift receipt and feel entitled to an exchange?  You bet!  So frustrating!!!

Would love advice if you figured out a run around this major policy problem.  I'm literally considering making a stamp with our return policy on it so we can have it printed on a gift receipt which seems like its going backwards in time as even our ancient computer system before this was able to do a proper gift receipt.  Better than Shopify's solution of me printing an 8x10 sheet of paper to put inside someone's gift bag.

Thanks so much

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You can try this one

I used it for my POD store. 

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Thanks for suggestion, but I don't see this working with POS?  I'm i missing something?  Generally, I see lots of choices for working with online sales, but gift receipts on the POS Shopify is what I'm after.

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Did you ever get an answer how we can put the return policy on the gift receipt footer?

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No response that helped. I just ordered little slips (about half the size
of a business card) from Vista Print with our logo and gift return policy
that we staple on the top of each gift receipt. I still hate that Shopify
doesn't have an option to edit the footer, but this was a decent solution
for our store.

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I own two retail stores and I will second the need for the ability to select items to print for a gift receipt. This is particularly challenging during the holiday season when someone refuses a gift receipt because “everything” is included…but then we get guests who arrive without gift receipts and we have to figure out if the item was on sale, etc. when it was purchased. This is a common retail POS transaction/occurrence. 


So many thanks for posting this - I just came here to do so and found your post. 


Jenn Baker

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Hi Shopify Support! Has this issue (of choosing which products are displayed on gift receipts) been solved yet? This is a huge hindrance for our store, as we have sale days where people buy 6+ gifts on a single order.


In order to give separate gift receipts, we have to do 6 separate transactions, which is not feasible with lines out the door. We need to have an option to print gift receipts and toggle which products are on them, similar to how the exchange function works.

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@Shopify amazing that this question and need was surfaced as far back as 2016...and it is now 2024 and there is still no internal resolution. We need to ability to be able to tick a box for items to include on a gift receipt. It shouldn't be that difficult!