Can customers design their own mugs on my sublimation business site?

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I have i sublimation business which i want to take to shopify. It is where customers can design their mugs and we print them. I see there are tools for designing for customers on shopify but that is design and import from China. We have the equipment to sublimate ourselves and want to do it that way. Is there and app, add on or integration which makes it so customers can design and we can print and deliver? 

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Hi @Kostorm,

It depends on the level of complexity you want to offer your customers when designing their mugs.

For instance, if you provide a template design for the mug and customers just need to submit the image or text they want to include, you can utilize the Easify Product Options app. This app enables you to seamlessly integrate features like file upload for images and text box for custom text input directly on your product pages 🤗. Here's an example:

  • Storefront:



  • Simple App Settings:



Hope you can give the app a try!

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