Can I add custom message options for customers in my online store?

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I would like to add an option for custom messages for my customers to receive with their product. Trying to use this as an upsell option. Are there any apps that implement this?  

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Contact the App Support team, Might they will help you,
And by the custom code, you can add this functionality into your Store,
For that, you have the prior knowledge of liquid, js, css atleast.
or you can hire the Developer to implement this into your Store.


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Hi there!
Our FREE app can show a textbox on the product page of your product. It is specifically for each product also. Feel free to let me know if you need further help: 

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Hi @cassen45,

I'd like to suggest a straightforward solution for you without any coding required. Consider using the Easify Product Options app to create a custom text field on your product page, where customers can enter specific information, and you can even add an extra charge for this option. Here's a quick demonstration on how to set it up:

  • Create a new option set:



  • Add the Text Area option type and customize its details, such as option label, price, placeholder, help text, info, text length, etc.



  • Finally, select the relevant product(s) where you want to add this custom option on their product page.



As you can see, it's a simple and efficient way to set up custom options for your products. Apart from the Text Area option, the Easify Product Options app offers 25 different option input types for you to choose from 🤗.

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