Can I add unique FAQs to each product, collection, or blog with a custom app?

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I have to implement FAQ section for collection, product page and blog page. I am doing this by custom App. I have already implemented FAQ section for collection and product page but that is common for all. Can I add different FAQs for each collection & product. Is there any API to save FAQ data against any product, collection or blog?

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Hi @Anonymous 

In the future, this may be possible with the introduction of the Online Store 2.0

However, at the moment, I think a Page Builder is your best option now. With PageFly, you can assign a separate FAQ section for each collection, product page; and then place it at the bottom of the default collection list/product details, no code needed. The free version allows you to test our app to check if whether we fit your need. But in this case, you will have to create a few product pages, collection pages for different FAQ sections, so a silver or gold plan is ideal. Here is an example:



If you need any help with that, we also provide 24/7 support center to sort things out.



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Thanks for your response.

I have implemented this in all the website pages. Basically my task was to add FAQ Schema by picking up the question and answer from the content. Custom FAQ section was not fulfilling all my requirement. But now it is done.