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Can I set up my shopify to allow customers to select specific time slots for collection? Delivery?

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I run a pub. Since we are only currently permitted to serve takeaway currently in the UK due to Covid-19 I wanted to set up shopify to handle collections and deliveries of hot food. 

For example. Fathers day is a couple of weeks away. I wanted to set up items available from my fathers day menu as products which are only available on 14th June between 12 -3pm.

I wanted to set it up so that the customer selects a specific time slot for the collection of their order. Collection slots being 5 mins apart and once a collection slot had been booked then it is no longer available to others.

Can anyone help with this? 

Thank you x

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It sounds to me that you need Store Pickup. If you don't know what that is, it's basically a delivery option where customers visit the store to pick up their items instead of paying or waiting for delivery. This could be helpful for your business during COVID-19, as it has exploded across the world for the last 5 months. 


You could offer Store Pickup by using the Shopify included option (it's free, but it honestly sucks) or install a paid app on the Shopify App Store. I recommend this app by Zapiet. It does everything you ask for, but it's not cheap ($29/month). 


If you are still not sure if you need it, here's a free checklist of 7 signs that you need Store Pickup. Check it out!

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Hello @LongPH

Thank you for recommending our app !

@Christine20, please let us know if you have any questions 🙂


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I have same question, thank you so much @LongPH for sharing your valuable solution, really appreciate.