Can my website be converted into an app?

Can my website be converted into an app?

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Hey, I set a shopify website few months ago few months ago, this is my URL: you can check out this. Now I want to convert this into a app. Please share your views  on it how can I do that. share it pro and cons it would be helpful or not. 

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Hi @Daniel2345,

Great question! You can indeed turn your website into an app should you wish. There are a couple of ways you could go about this, one would be an app in the Shopify App store which would have a monthly cost (and some of them are quite high, but there are some affordable ones also) or you could have something custom made by a Shopify Expert, which would most likely be a once off fee, but that would be it, with no recurring costs per month like the apps. 

I took a look in the Shopify App store and found a few of the apps I like for this:

And as I mentioned it could also be worth talking to a Shopify Expert to build one custom for you. All of the Experts would have different prices and work in their own way, so it could definitley be worth your time to research some of them and find one you resonate with if you want to go this route. Let me know if you think one of these options would work for you! 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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You can convert your online store into a Shopify app. Having an app will give an enhanced user experience to your users. There are app development companies that can help you turn your online store into an app. MageNative is an app development company that provides a DIY app builder through which you can create an app and customise it as per your requirement. Mobile apps are faster and have lots of benefits as compared to websites. 


Its numerous advantages incorporate the following.  


Mobile apps are faster as compared to the website

Interactive and intuitive

Works even without internet connectivity

Integrate with device features like GPS, camera etc.

Increase customer engagement and lots more.


 So converting an online store into an app will help you enhance your customers' experience, which helps increase sales and revenue. Get started with a free app trial by MageNative.  

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Hey @Daniel2345,

1. There are many ways you can make mobile apps. We recommend using Appbrew because;

1. We don't use pre-made templates
2. We offer Unlimited Integrations,
3. Unlimited Content Pages
4. Social login,
5. Video Commerce (With a YouTube Integration)
6. Deep Linking,

And a whole lot more!

Also, regarding the pros and cons, there are a lot of advantages to developing a custom mobile app for your Shopify store.

It provides customers with a seamless, convenient shopping experience, boosts brand credibility and professionalism, provides valuable insights into customer behavior, and provides a competitive advantage in the industry. While there are some upfront costs and ongoing maintenance, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

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